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More than a trend, a real philosophy !

International Outreach :

 Jean CHAPTAL Vocational High School also proposes vocational training classes taught in English. This program will soon be proposed in Spanish and German. The aforementioned  classes are called « Euro Classes » and are a part of our school’s policy to make our students aware of the importance of mastering at least one or two foreign languages, in the context of an increasingly global economic market. These classes are soon to be renamed « international classes », nationwide.

 We also provide our students with international training opportunities in order to encourage the former to train in different countries, improve their command of a particular language, and discover a different culture. Spending some time in a foreign country helps these young minds acquire a sense of what living in a global environment means while helping them shape and promote a true spirit of understanding and tolerance. This is made possible thanks to a network of partners at different levels (institutional, professional and educational) with whom we have kept enduring and valuable relationships over the past 25 years. These partners are located across the European continent, in countries like Spain, Germany and the UK. New   partnerships are in the process of being established. with a series of potential new programs on the way on the island of Malta.


In that context we believe throwing a bridge between foreign countries and Britany would most certainly be a great opportunity for students and communities on both sides. So doing would allow us to go even further in the direction and philosophy we have expounded above. What better opportunity could we possibly find to share our educational and professional values with yet another partner while probably making new friends along the way.


But most importantly, we also want to learn from new partners on several levels and forge  enriching and lasting partnerships that would most certainly constitute an invaluable experience and an unquestionable added value to the curriculum of students and trainees as well as for teachers and our partner schools as a whole.

L’union européenne met à la disposition de tous les apprenants des cours de langue. Pour plus d’informations cliquez ici