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Situation of Chaptal High School

Our school is situated in the North West of France, in the quaint city of Quimper, in the Finistère pre-fecture, 565 kms west of Paris (352 miles). We can easily be reached by car or by train from pretty much anywhere in the country. You can also fly to Quimper from Paris, right into the local airport or more conveniently into the much larger and nearby Brest International Airport some 65 kms to the North (40 miles). Brest is the largest city of the « département ». It is a much bigger economic and urban center than Quimper and has a population of 320.000 inhabitants.

Quimper is the Capital City of the Finistère prefecture, with 64.000 inhabitants and a suburban popula-tion of 125.000. Already an important market town at the time of Roman Gaul, it became a city of strate-gic, religious and political importance about 1000 years ago. Nowadays, Quimper is the siege of the Finistère prefecture’s local government.

Nestled in the green and still mainly rural region of French Cornwall, it is surrounded by hills, forests, woods, meadows and lies only 15 kms inland from the Atlantic Ocean shores where beautiful beaches and charming ports abound. Quimper is crossed by the river Odet which the locals very humbly call « le plus beau fleuve de France* » ! («*The most beautiful river in France! »). Our School’s 17th century buildings are good examples of Breton architecture with its traditional slated roofing. It echoes the rich stone and half-timbered medieval style that prevails in nearby downtown Quimper, which is within wal-king distance.

Major roads leading to Quimper: N165 national road runs from Brest to Nantes (N/S) and puts the city within acceptable distances of major airports in the region including Nantes Airport and Brest airport. Westbound N24 national road from Rennes merges with N165 in Lorient, and will take you to Quimper in slightly less than 3 hours.

Downtown Bus Terminal and Train Station offer varied multimodal transportation solutions both for in and out of town routes, including international destinations by bus or train. https://www.oui.sncf/train/trajet/paris/quimper (High speed TGV train links available from Paris to Quimper) + car ren-tal companies are available at the train station.

Local airports can be used to reach us:
Brest international Airport : https://www.brest.aeroport.bzh/accueil / Tel: 0298320108
Quimper Airport : http://www.quimper.aeroport.bzh / Tel: 0298943030