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Vocational school

Learning in real professional environments

Our students have to do several on-the-job training periods in real corporations. This is an academic requirement. They usually do so in local companies in order to acquire a real-life professional expe-rience. They have to complete 22 weeks internship, in the course of their three-year-long curriculum at Chaptal Vocational School).

The types of training proposed in our school

Vocational High School Diploma / degree called « Baccalauréat Professionnel ».

Chaptal Vocational School proposes degrees and certificates in the following fields :

➤ Administration Management : 3 year program / on the job internships required / GA Baccalaureate Download
➤ Commerce and Selling: 3 year program / on the job internships required / includes communication classes / Preparation for retail positions / Selling and Commerce Baccalaureates Download
➤ Catering : (Gastronomic) : 3 year program / on the job internships required. Download
Diploma 2: Cooking / food production