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Who was Jean Chaptal ?

 A man of science and great servant of the nation : Originally trained as a doctor in Montpellier, France and as an engineer in Paris Polytechnics school, the bright man is famous for having applied purely theoretical approaches to both medicine and agriculture. He built several factories and invented many remarkable devices (lye free glass, industrial production of sulfuric acid….). Jean Chaptal helped devise and develop black canon powder. J. Chaptal escaped the savagery of the French Revolution and became an acclaimed Minister of the Interior. He presided over the destiny of Instruction, Commerce and Industry in France, founding  the National school of Midwives (Port Royal)  and a world renowned Mental Institution (Salpétrière, Paris – one of the 6 best in Europe at the time).

Historical buildings

 The buildings were built in the second part of the 17th century as a convent. Later on, in 1902, a 15th Century cloister was put in (originally taken apart stone by stone from the nearby town of Pont Labbé and rebuilt on site in our school). All the original buildings around the Cloister were refurbished in the 1980’s and the main roof section fully replaced in 2011.


 The Campus has a large conference hall, a spacious Council room and a large number of classrooms most of which are fitted with computers. We can also count on a state of the art language laboratory, which makes our school a prominent establishment in the city of Quimper.


 Almost 200 persons work in the two schools present within the compound, roughly laid out as follows: 129 teachers 16 administrative staff members (direction + administration) 30 maintenance personnel employed by the Britany Region administration.(cooks, maintenance personnel, receptionists…)

Management team

 The headmasters team has 4 members : Mr. Karl Tangui (Headmaster) / Mrs Michèle Robert: (First Assistant to the Headmaster) / Mr Yvonick Lequitte: (Chief Accountant) / Mrs Frédérique Dorso  (Technical Assitant to the headmaster for technical and vocational affairs).


 Two schools under the same   roof ! 

Our vocational school is situated on a campus that comprises two different schools, that are two different and separated entities :
A technical school and a vocational school  – see Part 2  of « Chaptal in a nutshell » for more details about trainings proposed in both branches.

 Student Body

 The school has a student body of 1100 students distributed between the two entities present in the establishment: a technical school  (680 students) and a vocational school (420).

Age of our students and classes

 Our schools welcome students aged 14 to 20 with a majority of pupils aged 15 to 17. The other branches of our school that propose post Baccalaureate studies or continuing education for adults welcome students from 18 and beyond. Classes take place every day from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, five days a week (Monday through Friday). Attendance is compulsory and each student must respect the weekly lay out of the programme they are in.